Mid-Atlantic Memories Documentary Project

mid atlantic wrestling legends fanfest

A documentary is currently in the works for the history of Mid-Atlantic wrestling. This was a hotbed of of wrestling in the 80s and a lot of the NWA action took place there. Rabid crowds and packed arenas were the norm back then and this documentary hopes to capture all of those memories.

I'm not sure of Bob Caudle's involvement in this project but he acts as a spokesman for the project in the video below. I grew up watching the NWA and just hearing his voice again puts a smile on my face.

This is not a Kickstarter project as they are seeking donations directly from the NWALegends.com site. It is structured just like a Kickstarter though, with different payment options and various rewards. If you want to relive this era of wrestling be sure to check it out!

You can visit the donation page here: Mid-Atlantic Memories.