Brad Armstrong Dies

Today the wrestling world is mourning the death of Brad Armstrong, who died today at the age of 51. According to several news sources Armstrong had visited a doctor the week before for some type of issue and was found dead in his home today.

Brad is a member of the famous Armstrong family. His father, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong is a WWE Hall of Famer and a legend from the old territory days.

I always thought Brad was an excellent performer in the ring and I still think he had one of the best dropkicks in the business, but he didn't quite have the charisma to really become a big star. He was missing that "it factor", whatever that is.

I read some comments made by Steve Austin about Brad and I think they sum it up perfectly. He said something along the lines that Brad could have a great match with anybody and was very smooth in the ring. If you walked into the locker room and saw that you were wrestling Brad Armstrong, you knew you were in for an easy night. He compared Brad's ability in that respect to Ricky Steamboat, who is well regarded for being able to have a good match with anyone at any time.

I told a friend today that I would have liked to meet Brad. He seemed like he would have been an easy guy to talk to and he probably had plenty of stories to tell about the 'good old days'.

Rest in peace, Brad.


  1. Very sad to hear this. Such a great wrestler. Got the chance to meet Brad in Florida some years back. Really friendly and you could tell he was a decent person. One of my favorite matches, ever, was a tv match against Ric Flair. Couldn’t get any better back in the day. Sad news.